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Brandon Rushing


How To Create a Strong Company Culture

Why the team at Brandon Rushing are so darn happy!

The pandemic has changed a lot of things over the past two years, including how people think and feel about work. Priorities seem to have shifted and many are reevaluating how they spend their time.

In what’s been called “the Great Resignation” people have been leaving their jobs in droves, creating a labor shortage and a real challenge for employers — making creating a positive company culture more important than ever. 

What is company culture?

In a nutshell, company culture is a company’s identity or personality and is what sets a company apart from its competitors. It’s defined by employees’ behaviors, attitudes and general job performance and is evident in everything they do.

This has an enormous impact on customer satisfaction and is more important than the service being offered — a positive culture creates a special camaraderie that motivates the entire team to work together and embrace the company’s mission, vision and values.

And by providing exceptional work, each individual on the team experiences a sense of pride and accomplishment, further contributing to the positive culture.

Creating a strong culture

On the surface it would look like creating a positive culture would be simple… just throw on a pot of coffee and have some muffins in the break room. 

But there’s more to it than that.

There needs to be an intentional effort and a genuine desire to build a strong team.

1. Hire people who are a good fit

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you’re like most people you’ll find your five where you work, so it makes sense to hire people who share the same values as you and the rest of your team do. 

The people you hire also represent your company in the field and speak for your brand by their behavior and attitude — which is even more important when they’re interacting with customers on a regular basis (as is the case at Brandon Rushing).

2. Educate employees on your mission and vision.

If you want employees to embrace your company’s mission and vision, it makes sense to educate them on what they are.

The problem is, a lot of companies either don’t have a mission and vision for their company or it’s so complicated that it’s difficult to remember.

At Brandon Rushing, ours is simple…

Our mission is to care for people and their properties, and our vision is to see homeowners spending more time enjoying their properties, leaving them feeling more connected with their friends, family and nature.

3. Provide opportunities for growth

Part of being human is the desire to learn and grow. Offering employees the training they need to learn new skills and advance within the company is what differentiates a “job” from a “career”... and people are more likely to embrace a company that offers them advancement opportunities.

Each week our team leaders meet with their team members to train them on new equipment, teach new skills or go over safety procedures. If an employee shows an interest in learning more about a specific topic — like getting certified in pesticide application, for instance — they have access to specialized training.

4. Create a family atmosphere based on mutual respect

Over the years we’ve offered a variety of incentives to our employees, like photo contests, raffles, anniversary bonuses and other fun company events.

But in an employee survey, the thing people loved the most about working for our company was the family atmosphere and feeling respected on the job.

This is accomplished by taking the time to know everyone on a personal level, greeting each other with warmth and kindness and actually listening to suggestions from team members — and making changes or updates based on those suggestions to improve the quality of our service or make us more efficient.

The pandemic has shown people that they have the power to choose how and where they spend their time. By doing small things that make employees love their jobs and the companies they work for, they’ll be more likely to stick around… and the “Great Resignation” will just be something you read about.

Each and every person on our team prides themselves on professionalism and delivering an outstanding experience for you — If you’d like to partner with us and work with our amazing team, contact us for a free quote. We’d love to hear from you!

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Written by Brandon Rushing, Founder & President

Posted on: February 8th, 2022